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  1. In general, the research oriented school. A PhD in clinical is basically a research degree - research experience is FAR more important than clinical experience when you're applying to PhD programs, especially ones that focus equally on research and practice, and the more research-oriented programs (e.g. Clinical science). If you're looking at a practice oriented PhD (rating of 2-3 or lower in grad guide to clinical programs book) than it would matter less. If you're able to get quality research experience at both places, then it won't make much of a difference. The most important thing wil
  2. Relatedly, wouldn't it be great if you could upload your GREs like you can your transcripts at some places? Seriously adds up...
  3. Accepted of the waitlist six weeks after the interview! Yes! Thought it wouldn't happen!

  4. That score will be good enough for most applicant pools. I'd focus on finding POIs with a good fit and writing a very good SOP.
  5. Nope! When I received my only offer (which I declined) I basked in all my (average-level) narcissism! I take responsibility for my failures AND SUCCESSES!
  6. Dress in suit. Remove jacket & tie if too formal.
  7. If you live in a big college city, you might be able to find normal people on craigslist. It's what I did freshman year - moved to a totally different place and didn't know anyone.
  8. 1) a hair in your food 2) phone, wallet, wedding ring, other important personal possession falling in a public restroom toilet
  9. This. Narcissism. My smoothest interview was with a narcissist...actually it was a monologue (his)...
  10. This....is why I hate interviews. In the same boat. Just hoping the other applicants are way worse (or way better so they'll go elsewhere...)!
  11. I've been anxiously waiting to hear back from One University... Open my email, see "Register for University Housing" in the subject line...started feeling elated/relieved. Open it - aaaaand it's from a university that rejected me two months ago!
  12. @DeltaSkelta ...I'd be thrilled even if they cringed while writing my acceptance letter !
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