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UK Comparative Literature MA - UCL or Edinburgh?


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So far, I've been admitted to University of Edinburgh and University College London  for an MA in comparative literature. I'm not sure if I want to continue on to a PhD, which is why I'm opting for an MA instead of applying to a PhD directly. I did a fair bit of research on the programs, but I'm not really familiar with with the reputation of the specific comparative literature departments. In any case, I need help deciding which to attend! ANY criteria at all (finances, etc) is relevant in making my choice, nothing you say is irrelevant. 

Broadly, my literary interests focus on magical realism in Southern America, German-language writers (primarily Sebald and the Austrian Bernhard) and the French concept of the Flaneur. 

If one university may be a better idea for continuing on to a PhD and the other may be better in terms of the general job market, feel free to comment on that as well. 

Edinburgh pros - 
-Very small program size (I suppose this could also be a bad thing)
-No formal language requirement, which means I could focus on the language I want to learn rather than improving the language I already know
-Known for (English) literature
-(Arguably) better international reputation than the other two? 
Beautiful city, less expensive and less overwhelming than London
-Tuition is less
-More scholarship options

-Bigger program, probably better developed
-Access to more networking because of both the bigger program and having access to the London Comparative Lit association 
-Higher ranked overall
-Professors that have relevant interests 

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I studied at Edinburgh (undergraduate) .... great uni etc. Just wanted to point out that there isn't a comparative literature dept per se. So, if the people who are in your field are good then I'd go for it. I was in the English lit/ Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. Also, as a city it's pretty international but still has a small town feel (relative to London anyway). 

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Hmm, that's useful. I didn't know there wasn't a comparative literature department/ undergrads couldn't major in comparative literature. From the looks of the faculty, they come from a multitude of departments. As long there are professors that have relevant interests, I suppose I should be okay. What was your experience in lit; from what I hear Edinburgh is well known for literature..

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The professors I interacted with/took classes with in Lit were by and large great. A couple of my friends stayed on there for MAs and now PhDs, so progression is definitely possible. Just wanted to say that funding for international students in the UK is abysmal... which is why I've applied to the US this year. If you have any other specific questions about Edinburgh or London, let me know. 

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