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  1. I did a one year MA in the UK, and didn't even try to apply while I was studying. I was too busy, didn't have a strong writing sample, or develop relationships with the professors who eventually wrote LORs for me. Also, working on my MA thesis helped me shape my SOP and gave me a clearer idea of what I want to research at the PhD level.
  2. Partial tuition scholarships are not uncommon at the MA level, I got one myself. It's just rarer at the PhD level. And to be honest, even if they gave me a partial scholarship, when you factor in living expenses, it just wouldn't make economic sense, when schools in the US offer a full tuition waiver and a TAship.
  3. I am an international student, and did my MA in the UK. It's definitely pretty rare to get funding for overseas students. I got admission to a couple of great places, but no funding. Here's what one of my potential supervisors (who was also my MA supervisor) said regarding funding: Since the Government in the UK has cut back grants even more radically this year (while pretending that there are more) I think there is little hope of getting one anywhere in the UK. But some universities (though not UEA) do have private funding, so you might be lucky. Oxford and Cambridge probably fall in to
  4. Did you apply to UMass for a Comp Lit Phd? I did too... and haven't a heard a thing. Am considering writing to them to find out, but don't know if I should.
  5. That's pretty much the strategy I followed too... and have had mixed results with it.
  6. So I've applied to Comp lit PhD programs. At present I have one official offer, one unofficial offer (which has been unofficial for 3 weeks now) and 1 waitlist (where the DGS seemed pretty optimistic about my chances. The DGS of the unofficial offer school has asked me to send him the offers I receive from other schools. Is this normal? I'm not very familiar with the system as I'm an international student. If I do send him the offer I have which has a slightly lower stipend that the stipend he mentioned in his informal offer (though it also has a lower cost of living) would this affect t
  7. I've got an acceptance from the Comp Lit department, and was just wondering if you could tell me a bit about the university in general, and also about Eugene?
  8. Just wanted to say I did my MA at UEA, not in your field, but if you have any questions regarding the uni or Norwich or anything else feel free to PM me.
  9. I'm sorry to cause undue stress. I hope it all works out for you. It's my 2nd round of apps too so I understand how you are feeling.
  10. I'm talking about Comp Lit. I wasn't expecting it this early either. Good luck guys!
  11. they contacted me... but I'm an international student.. (I don't know if that has an impact). I hope you get in too.
  12. I got the sense that notifications will officially go out next week.
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