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Confusing Email..Need your help..


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I heard from one of my top schools. The graduate coordinator said, " The committee would like to know if you would like to come in for an interview, of course it would have to be at your own expense. Sorry! But money is a little tight right now with the economy. Please let me know if you are still interested in the program and if you are available for an interview as soon as possible."

I wrote them back with some specific questions. Their answers are underlined below:


# If the committee accepts the student for a Ph.D. program, will the student receive full funding? Usually but not guaranteed

# Or, do they also accept the student without funding for a Ph.D. program? Yes if they are US citizens or Resident Aliens

# How long does the committee take to make a decision after the interviews? Days to Weeks

# How many fully funded spots are open for Fall 2009? How many students are you expecting for the interviews? Our budget for next year is still under development so we still don't know yet.

# Do you think that interview with the committee will increase my chance of getting an admissions offer as well as funding? It all depends I really can't say they look at several different things.


I am now confused if I should pay them a visit. (It's gonna cost me around $500). They want to interview me after April 9th, but the final date has not been decided yet. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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I think that if you want to go to this school, interviewing will most likely increase your chances. Of course, if they are interviewing you after April 9th, I have to assume they won't have a decision by April 15th, so if you have other offers that require you to notify them by April 15th, it's probably not worth the effort. If you have no other offers, I would do the interview. $500 is not a small amount of money, but the application process is expensive in general, and it is an investment in your future career.

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