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Prospective Grad Student Weekend


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Hi all, 

I am going to the grad weekend Feb 6th - 8th. I applied with a GPA below their minimum requirement so it's very important I do well in my interviews. 

Any tips would be appreciated! Clothing to demeanor and beyond. 



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Congrats on the interview! I too have applied to one program and have a lot riding on my interview in February. Based on a terrible grad school interview I had 2 years ago (one that temporarily scared me away from the entire process), here is my two cents:


1. Remember that professors don't expect that you know everything. They are probably trying to gauge a) your interest in the program, B) your fit, and c) how your mind works. That being said, study your area of interest and your interviewers beforehand and draft a list of questions to ask.

2. Rest up the night before and eat a wonderful breakfast the day of.

3. Remember that getting an interview is a very, very good thing. Don't worry about your GPA. If it helps you relax more, think of it as if you are accepted already and the purpose of your visit is to learn more about your possibilities within the program. This way questions and conversation may come more naturally.

4. Be honest about yourself, your interests.

5. Maintain positivity and good body language throughout the process. 

6. Unless dress is specified by the school, dress "nice" relative to your field. In environmental sciences, I like to call it "ecology chic." Nice wool sweaters, clean pants, simple shoes. 

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Don't worry about your GPA. 


This is good advice.  You have already passed the major "cutting" phase, and at this point it really is more about fit than anything else.  Don't let your GPA create a lack of confidence!  They're obviously interested in you, so well done on getting this far.

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