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Invited for Biostatistics MS Visit

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First a little background. I graduated Spring 2012 from undergrad with BS degrees in statistics and psychology from Iowa State. After graduation I was hired by the Univ of Iowa psychiatry department as a data analyst. Basically I've been doing database management and statistical analyses for NIH/NIMH funded projects for the last year and a half. My whole goal when I first came to the U of Iowa was to get into the biostats program. So I applied in December for Fall 2014. I didn't do so hot on my GRE and basically thought I had no chance, especially after somebody posted an acceptance on the results page on Jan 17th.


However, on the 29th I received an email invitation to, "meet with members of the Admissions Committee." I assume this is a good sign, especially with somebody posting a rejection on the same day? Or is this kind of a "courtesy" visit since I'm an employee at the University?


Any thoughts/comments/suggestions on what to expect? 



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Best case scenario: "we wanted to welcome you in person to the department."


Middle case scenario: "we are interested in you, but have some concerns about your application and wanted to talk to you more." (aka interview)


Worst case scenario: "unfortunately we can't make you an offer this year, but you were rejected because of ________ and you can reapply more successfully next fall if you address this."

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I suspect it's either the middle case or worst case scenario you described. Any thoughts on the types of questions they might ask? Should I prepare for technical questions? Or more along the lines of "Why do want a MS in biostats?", "Tell us about your past experiences", "Why would you be successful in our program?", etc.

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Cyentist, just saw your post.


Had the visit back in mid February and was offered admission about a week later. Look in forward to starting in the Fall! Glad to hear there'll be another ISUer around!

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