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Upcoming Preview/interview Weekends


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for those of you taking visits to your programs in the next couple months, what are you keeping in mind when visiting?


  • Faculty
  • Potential cohort members
  • campus + facilities
  • cost/financial aid
  • academic offerings
  • assistantships/internships offered


What key questions are you asking, and what are potential dealbreakers?


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  • How many years the program takes to complete. The schools I am applying to range from 3 to 7!
  • How many students get paid internship placements (my program culminates in this)?
  • Is funding guaranteed all (x) years?
  • Mentoring styles/what current grad students think about working with my POI.
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My #1 priority is assistantships. If a school doesn't offer me an assistantship, there's a good chance that will be a deal breaker for me. Everything else I'm taking into consideration, but to a much lower priority. So if I get two really good assistantship offers, then I'll start to look at faculty, curriculum, cohort size, etc. to narrow my choices.

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