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I've never had another person see my credentials


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Hello everyone, I'd like to share my credentials with you. 

I aspire to apply to a PhD program in Electrical Engineering next year, but I am not sure what chances I have in getting in...

Below are my credentials.


Assuming I have high GRE scores and pretty good LoRs/SoP, do you find me competitive? 

What are my chances for top-10 programs?


Thank you in advanced! 



University: Small reputation University

GPA: 3.90/4.00

Degree: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Graduation date: May 2015



1) Internship with Intel Corporations


May-August 2014


2) Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris (ISEP) in Paris, France

Research assistant

January-May 2014


3) University of Maryland, College Park (REU)

Research assistant

June-August 2013


4) My small-reputable university

Independent research

January-May 2013


5) Cornell University (REU)

Research assistant

June-August 2012

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I think from these stats, I find you competitive. You have good experience and a very strong GPA in a challenging major. Just study hard for the GRE,, get good LORs from those who you've worked with and know that they like you, and I think you're going to be part of the uppercrust of applicants, so to speak. 

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Once again, since you are applying for a PhD program, your research will be king. Obtain as much research experience as possible and then be sure to write an expertly crafted SOP that highlights this experience and how the PhD is the next step in achieving your goals. -Admissions Advice Online 

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