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  1. You can talk about an area that you are strong in, it could be that you are a good communicator, listener, traveler, or anything that you would be an expert at. Basically they want to see that you will enhance classroom discussions by bringing your areas of expertise to the table. Once you have a draft, you can submit it to www.selectiveadmissions.com/free for a free SOP critique. - selectiveadmissions.com
  2. To be competitive at the PhD level in the United States, an applicant needs to display strong quantitative skills. A-Level records will not replace a strong post-secondary record. You must score at least a 160+ on the quant section of the GRE. You may find it beneficial to take a few math courses at a local university if you can. Lastly, ensure that your SOP displays your quant ability. Econ, government and law usually go hand-in-hand, you should be able to find common connections to write about. - www.selectiveadmissions.com
  3. You can disclose whatever you want to in a SOP. It is all about how you frame it. A great SOP should flow fluidly and shouldn't make any excuses for the past. It seems here that your interest came from your personal experiences and this can be addressed only in the opening paragraph. Once you do this, the rest of your SOP should discuss your research past/interest, why this particular program and then finally your plan for the future and how this program will help you achieve them. We can help. - www.selectiveadmissions.com - selectiveadmissions.com
  4. The closing paragraphs of your SOP are strong, however the opening is very weak. Generally you do not want to write about anything that may be perceived as negative in a SOP. You open your SOP by stating that you jumped around from major to major and it just paints you as unfocused even though this was in the past. Your SOP should only come from a point of strength. You also barely talk about any of the actual benefits and the reasons why you are applying to the school that you are applying to. This is ALWAYS needed in a SOP. We can help. - selctiveadmissions.com
  5. Hello, 3.18 GPA is very low for direct entry PhD programs. Usually students overcome this by performing substantial research or completing a major thesis project in their area of interest prior to graduation. Have you considered maybe a MA program and then go on to the PhD? - selectiveadmissions.com
  6. Hello, All programs take a range of students. While many students do have some research, all schools accept a good number of students that have absolutely no research. This is where you fit in. The key for you here is to take whatever experiences you do have and link them to why you are applying to the program and how this specific program will help you get from point A to B. When the adcom sees that their program is NEEDED to help you achieve your career goals, they are more likely to admit you. -selectiveadmissions.com
  7. Hello, Your statement of purpose reads more like a research paper and not a statement of purpose. Remember, your statement of purpose should provide some background about you as a person, your likes, some of your research and a LOT about the program you are applying to and how it can help you achieve your stated goals. All I see here is a recap of your past research and interests and very little about the program and why you are specifically applying to this program. -selectiveadmissions.com
  8. You should post your entire SOP here in the box so we can easily read it. Some people are suspicious about attachments. - Selectiveadmissions .com
  9. I am pretty sure they mean do not mail it now. After you are accepted you will need to send the official transcript in. The only time you wouldn't mail this would be if the school accepted e-transcripts which are emailed. - Admissions Advice Online
  10. Hello, The Luxury brand MBA at NYU and Columbia and other top schools is extremely competitive. The key is to just get into the schools. Do not build your application geared towards career switching from IT to Luxury retail. Instead, pick an area that has some connection like IT to Finance. Once you are in you can select whatever concentration you want. - Admissions Advice Online
  11. Hello, This should not be a problem at all. Did you complete a master's degree elsewhere? If so, why did you decide not to complete the PhD that they offer? This might be the only question that you should address in your SOP. - Admissions Advice Online
  12. All you have to do is answer as accurately as possible. Start and end dates should correspond to when you started and ended the semester abroad. Degree earned should be none. You should certainly list this out, especially if you were given credit for it on your official transcript. Omitting this is grounds for dismissal from your program if found out at any point after admissions. - Admissions Advice Online
  13. Absolutely! The more prestigious the graduate program, the harder your chances for admissions will be with so many transfers under your belt. Top graduate programs simply cannot afford for students to not finish their programs. Unlike undergrad, the vast majority of graduate programs have very strict residency requirements. This means that you will need to take almost all required courses at the school you graduate from. This means you will need to stay put for the entire program. It will be hard to show that you have all the intentions to do this when you have moved around so much at the unde
  14. The school will always tell you if they require a financial statement or not. The only time that it would be advisable to automatically send in a financial statement would be if you are applying as an international student as such students are required to provide financial statements for immigration/visa purposes. - Admissions Advice Online
  15. Never mention anything that might be considered as a negative in your SOP. Your SOP should only highlight you as positively as possible. If your GRE scores are below what the school requires, what you should do is show how you are just a bad standardized test taker. The way you can do this is to show that this is something that has happened before. If you also did poorly on the SAT score but managed to do really well in college, this would be a great way to explain your performance. In any event, the best place to discuss this is via the optional essay or in a direct email to the admissions of
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