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International student visit before applying?


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I'm currently a junior from Singapore and I'm currently doing a study abroad program for a semester in US. Since right now I'm here in the US, I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to go and visit universities that I might be interested in or should I just not bother at all? I can't say that I have done extensive research into what professors and research fields that are available in the schools I'm interested in either, but this would be pretty much my only chance to visit before I head back. Of course I could simply go visit pretty campuses, but after reading around, there doesn't seem to be much of a point, and since I'm not really prepared either, should I still bother emailing schools asking to visit them?

Can't really decide here, anyone willing to share some opinions?

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I wouldn't go too far out of your way or spend too much money to visit a school you haven't even been accepted at, but if there are schools nearby that you plan on applying to, maybe you can meet with a professor of interest, sit in on a class, etc.

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i say go visit if you have the chance to. it can change a lot in one/two years from now when you apply.

HOWEVER, don't come unprepared! choose about 3 universities that are not too far and do some research on them - search for faculty, courses, research centers, etc. in sum, come prepared!

it is great to build up a relationship with faculty before you are actually applying, since they will be more willing (in case they liked you)to advocate for you in the admission committee.

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