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How much study to increase verbal GRE?


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Magoosh Gre App (free app with flashcards... to be used in the bathroom) Learn at least the first 300 most commonly used words.


Any other free resources that teach you active reading/how to attempt questions.


Focusing on isolating it to 2 wrong and 3 possible answers.

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For someone who's scoring about 160 on the verbal GRE pretests and who would like to score ~165, what sort of resources are most useful?


I recommend vocab flash cards to get to the upper 160s. Kaplan has a decent set, which you can get on Amazon for about $16. Manhattan Prep also has a set with a good reputation, though I haven't personally used them. For an electronic (and free) option, try Magoosh's GRE Vocabulary Flashcards, which you can access on the website or download to your iPhone or Android.


If you really learn the vocabulary, you can breeze through the text completion and sentence equivalence questions, which gives you more time to get through the reading comprehension. 

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Magoosh cards look great! Does anyone have any suggestions about how to improve on the reading comprehension questions? I haven't done a huge amount of reading in college so I'm very out of practice (I did very well on the verbal part of the SAT though, so part of it must be lost in the back of my mind...). 

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