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What should I do now?


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Hello everyone, I'm new here, watching every topic and find out they are really helpful.


I'm an international student, and about to get my master in Biochemistry this year. I'm applying for many programs, but my weakness is NO publications, but I have five years research experience( Yes, still no pub). I have a uGPA 3.49, which is not high in US but quit good in my undergraduate. A fair GRE, but no subtest. I get some rej from university like MSU and Wisconsin Madison. I know for graduate program you shouldn't have a "save" university, but I still think mine is IIT. I'm very confused now because NO ONE ACCEPT ME ;(. Is my background low for a PhD program? I'm applying for Biochemistry program, is that very hard for me to get in? Maybe I can apply for biotech program, since that's my undergraduate major, but I don't know if I still get a chance.:(

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Yes. You have to make sure everything is perfect - grammar, typing, everything. In my SOP to WashU, I accidentally had some cut and paste text from another university at the bottom and let's just say they were the only school that straight out rejected me out of the 9 I applied to. Bummer because it was my first choice, but what can you do? Bottom line - make sure your SOP is perfect. You seem to have some grammatical errors in your posts, that's why I brought it up. Good luck. :D

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You have to realize that admissions are very competitive for everyone, but even more so for international students. It seems as though you almost have to be perfect. I don't think lack of a publication is enough to disqualify you, but all the aspects of your application need to be strong, including your statement of purpose and your recommendations (and your GREs).

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