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  1. Unrealistic expectations=wanting a school to review my application. SO UNREALISTIC! What was I thinking?
  2. Yeah... That's exactly what I said... That UWM is an unethical institution... Could you please stop inventing what I said? I said that I believe that the way the genetics department is managing the graduate admissions is unethical. I have no idea how you jumped from this to the idea that I'm calling an institution unethical.
  3. By the way, I think that you should make a distinction between undergrads and grad students here. And I don't think that that's the sole reason they exist. Universities can also be seen as research institutes. However, research does not exist only for undergrads... That's absurd.
  4. Why do I need to keep on repeating the same thing? I'm not stupid. I know that international students are more expensive. And I completely understand why there are less international students who get admitted. Please let me know how to write this differently so that people understand that it seems logical to me that there are less international students. Should I say MUCH less international students to make people feel better about it? Ok you got it, MUCH less international students. THAT IS NOT MY POINT. When I applied to Berkeley I knew that every year only 1-2 international stu
  5. Because he is (as well as you and others) are making this thread about whether schools should accept international students or not.
  6. You are basically against international students. You are ignoring all the advantages of having international students...
  7. Can people here have just a little intellectual honesty? Where on Earth did you read me saying that universities should take all international students?
  8. To be honest, I'm even more shocked by most of what I'm reading here than by what UWM did. Do I sense some xenophobia? Once again, I'm not whining about getting rejected from UWM. I don't care about this school anymore. I think that they have a great program and from what I heard it seems like a great school. But it was my last choice. I stopped caring the second I got an interview at one of the other schools I applied to. I wouldn't be upset if I got rejected after being reviewed. I'm upset that they kept on telling me "we'll send invites in two weeks" every two weeks and that they told
  9. That's the whole point. International students have to work harder to get into an American school. And universities invest money in us because we have something to offer. I'm glad you got to understand that... Why? If you come from a great university, have excellent grades, recommendation letters, research experience? I'm sorry but professors would fight to have you in their labs. You clearly have no idea how universities work (at least outside of the US).
  10. And also, I never said that international students should be compared 1:1 with domestic students. Please show me where I said that. I just said that universities are interested in having top students regardless of where they come from... I didn't say that they are able to accept students regardless of where they come from and I didn't say that they should.
  11. Of course universities care. They want hard-working students. This is part of "what you can do". And I'm not whining. I'm proud of my achievements. I am proud of having worked that hard. I'm not complaining about the procedure at all. I actually find it extremely rewarding to get accepted after such a hard and competitive admission process. All I am saying is that international students have to prove themselves even more... That was my whole point. Sorry you didn't get that...
  12. It would only make sense that applicants who applied after the deadline are reviewed after the rest... As to the GPA/GRE cutoff and the preference to Biology degrees, universities always tell you that they review everything even though you have a low GPA or GRE and that they are happy to review people with different degrees. It is therefore unethical for them to throw the applications according to that because they told you they are going to review your application. I believe that universities say this because they need your money. A professor in my university used to be on the admission comm
  13. This is quite offensive and it shows that you didn't think this through at all. Do you think that universities accept international students out of charity? Of course not. There's a rationale behind it. 1) A PhD means that you are a student, yes, but it also means that you work for a lab. So they are interested in having outstanding students regardless of where they come from. What gives a school its reputation is the research that happens there. This is why it is so important for them to spend money on PhD students. Don't forget that international students who get into American schools with
  14. Yes... Once again, I'm not complaining about the low admission rates for international students. All the schools I applied to accept much fewer international students.
  15. It's not an international-student specific because if you are American and live abroad, it's the same scenario. Here's what they say on their website "Typically, we receive about 130-150 applications. About 65% of these applications are from domestic students and 35% from international students. Generally, we extend offers to about 20% of these applicants and 40-50% of the students receiving an offer decide to accept." They accept international students as long as they live in the US (or not too far).
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