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Should I mention dropped classes in my personal statement? M.S. in Biology.

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Hey guys,


So during my undergraduate career I dropped 3 courses. Is this something I should mention in my personal statement? I was going to write this:


"My college career has not been trouble-free, though. In the autumn and winter quarters of my 2010-2011 year at the ______________, I withdrew from three of my courses. After some introspection, I refocused my efforts and with my newfound enthusiasm finished the remaining three quarters with an average GPA of 3.51 in all upper-division level courses within my major."


I wouldn't dwell on it too long and I try to spin it positively at the end. Do you guys think I should put it in? If so, where? I've heard some guides say to put it right at the end but it feels like an odd placement to me. If I do put it in I was planning on putting it immediately after the paragraph where I discuss my senior project (the only paragraph where I talk about my undergraduate career), which is right in the middle of my paper. Thoughts?


Finally, I was thinking about putting in the reason why I dropped my classes (loss of a close family member) but decided not to. Do you think I should?


Thank you!

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Meh, I dropped two courses and failed one, yet I didn't mention it anywhere on my application.  If your personal statement has a low word limit, I would focus on the strong attributes of your application.  If you have plenty of room though, then I guess it can't hurt to include it.  I wouldn't mention loss of a close family member though, since that can make things somewhat awkward for whomever is reading the app.

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I guess that depends.  Did it significantly alter your GPA?  If not, no.  I also have a weird background, and I also felt the need to explain it thoroughly in my SOP.  Every proof reader of my SOP told me it was unnecessary.  I put one line in my SOP: "I am a non-traditional student who has faced a number of hardships along with the consequences of some of my own bad decisions."  I followed that with all of the great things I did during the rest of my school career. 


If you feel so inclined to mention it, I would encourage you to do something similar.  I would place it before you start talking about how awesome you are and definitely keep it at one line. 

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It didn't really affect my grade. I dropped one of the courses before the drop deadline and the other two were hardship withdrawals (for personal problems). I ended up re-taking the courses and actually doing quite well in them. I thought that I should just mention it because if the admissions committee is looking at my transcript they're going to see symbols (W6 and HW) where my grades would normally be. I figured that might raise some questions so thought I should address it. If they don't look at my individual grades though, they'll never know (although I find this pretty unlikely).

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