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  1. Buy a cheap pair of ski goggles. You never know when you'll have -20 degree weather with a real-feel temp of -50 and you need to go outside to go to work/school.
  2. Ah, I'll definitely try out American Tobacco Trail! I've been to downtown Durham and I loved it there, so hopefully this will bring me opportunities to visit that place more often. Thanks for the response!
  3. Isn't Seattle one of the top ten cities in America for cyclists? I'd be surprised if there aren't solid bike paths all over town.
  4. Are there popular routes/areas where people go on long bike rides within the Chapel Hill area? I'm used to going on 40-mile bike rides out to the middle of nowhere without having the fear of being hit by a car on the road.
  5. Nah, I'm excited about everything. In 33 days I'll be leaving a job that I absolutely detest after working there for 1.5 years to move back south where I'll spend June and July at the beach before moving again for grad school in August. I haven't found someone to sublease my current place and I haven't found an apartment to lease for grad school, but I've been through too much crap to get stressed out about that.
  6. Are there any avid cyclists on here that live in Chapel Hill? Got some questions to ask y'all.
  7. And I'll have to represent Wisconsin craft beer (and don't forget the cheese!). Michigan is pretty good though, I'll admit. I have one month left up here in the Midwest before I move to the south...I'll definitely be stocking up on Wisconsin beer.
  8. I'm 24, I'm not married (nor in a relationship), and I have no desire to have kids as well. Perhaps I'll change my mind in a few years, but I'm making good money now, I travel a lot, and I'll be starting graduate school this fall. I ain't got time for kids!
  9. One problem I see with alternative universities is that there isn't consistency across the "individualized" majors. HR folks are receiving thousands of resumes, and they don't have time to sort through them and read every single class that a student has taken just to make sure they learned at least the basics. It's a lot easier to read resumes knowing that a degree in biology from University of Wisconsin consists of the bare minimum courses the student needs for the job than it is to look at a "degree" from an alternative university and wonder what courses the student took.
  10. Tech used to be industry/application-focused, but that's not really the case anymore. In fact, a lot of the alumni are complaining that we're doing too much "theoretical" stuff.
  11. It's not that hard to have a social life at Tech, unless you're worried that you'll be working 70 hours a week.
  12. As someone who went to Tech for undergrad in engineering and is now working for a software company, I wouldn't underestimate Georgia Tech's reputation among employers. Cornell has very strong academics as well, and the network is probably better. For finances though, you can't do much better than Georgia Tech: http://www.payscale.com/college-roi/ You're fortunate to have those two schools to choose from, and you honestly can't go wrong with either one. Go with whatever you think is best for you, and good luck!
  13. What do you want to do with Informatics? That might help us give you advice on where to start.
  14. Healthcare administration, preferably for a pediatric hospital or an academic hospital. Not really a fan of the other types of healthcare organizations.
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