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  1. EmPower gre prep is BY FAR, the best out of everything i've tried (kaplan, princeton review, magoosh) I found I had a ton of trouble with the actual concepts and knowing how to even begin a problem on the Quant section, it completely prepared me and although I was only halfway through my prep schedule, i took the gre and still got a 150 on the quant! I wish I would have discovered it sooner than two week before my test date, as I know I could have done so much better. Therefore, im retaking it in a few weeks and have all the confidence in the world thanks to them!! Seriously, it's amazing. (Ps. A 150 was amazing for me since I haven't taken a math class in almost four years and actually had to look up dividing fractions at the start of my studying) -a once lost & unhopeful senior freaking about the gre
  2. Can anyone give some insight to applying at Gallaudet? Any information is greatly appreciated!! (yes i've researched extensively but just looking for other peoples input or experience!!)