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Hi all,


I was going through some results from the last couple of years and noticed that students admitted to MS in CS at UIUC usually get an admit e-mail by Feb 10 or so. Is it usually the case?


The website says that admit decisions are posted by March 15 for MS applicants. However, from what I observer, almost everyone who posted around that time in 2013 and 2012 were rejected. Maybe I'm paranoid but any comment on this will be appreciated.




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Hello! I'm in a similar situation with several programs I am hoping to hear back from. 


Inevitably, the admissions process is going to vary from program to program. A variety of factors are taken into account when applications are assessed, and it could be as simple a factor as you having submitted your applications closer to the program's deadline (or perhaps your last name begins with a 'Z'). There is also the chance--and what I believe is most likely--that you are placed on some type of internal wait-list, as the admissions committee further deliberates which applicants they wish to extend offers to. For other programs--and from what optimism may insist--admits can be given on a rolling basis and it's all simply a waiting game.


Either way, knowledge is positively correlated with time, and we'll know sooner or later. Hang on for the ride! You're not alone.

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