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Is it okay to do so?


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I just want to hear ideas about my situation. I have met a professor two years ago and we had good connections so far. I attended two seminars of him and also while I was in a lab, he joined in our lab for a week or so. My 2 of 3 LORs are very close friend of him and I thought I had good chance to be accepted by him to his lab. Throughout the application process we have mailed back and forth, even he asked me make a presentation about my ideas and I did and he told me he liked them a lot.And my recommenders asked him to accept me as well. Lately I started to worry about the admission since it has been more than a month in silence. Should I ask him or should I wait for more? I am stressed out...

If you were in this situation,what would you do? I do not want to be seen as the person forcing the situation and also my LORs have already spoken to him. I started to say, well... okay.. i guess it is an rejection..

Second thing is, not related to the first question,what you think about asking the status to the professor after getting the interview? it has been more than two weeks and I havent heard anything from him or the school itself.

Thanks for your ideas! :)

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I think the process is long and it doesn't depend only on the professor of interest. So, I would wait. He already has a good sense of your application and I guess he might see this as "pushy". If you haven't heard from him or the program yet, it's probably because they haven't made the decisions yet. But if you start hearing about results and you're still in the dark, then I would contact the program, not the professor himself.

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