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UCLA Decision Status


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Hey everyone. I have a question regarding UCLA's decisions website.


I posted this in SDN, but thought I'd see if anyone else has this issue.


I applied to the community health sciences program and received confirmation emails that my application was received/submitted. I know that there is probably an online lag time for the decisions website, but when I try to log in on the decision status page, it says "No applications for this email address were found. Please try again."

Did this happen to anyone else?
I am just wondering if the decisions website status page should say that my application is under review or something.
I did call the department 2 days ago and the person who spoke to me said I should be fine, but she didn't really give me any peace of mind! Just freaking out a little!
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I got in Feb 5th via phone call and my decision status is still not updated on the site! They are just super slow. I emailed them last week and her response was that my paperwork is proceeding through the system and it can take quite awhile until all the approvals have been entered. 

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UCLA has been very frustrating to deal with. After my phone call acceptance a month ago, my online status still hasn't changed. I emailed them the first time, no response. Second time, I got a super short response saying the approvals are still in process. When I asked over the phone regarding funding and RA/TA opportunities, she said she'd look into it and email me back (isn't this standard info that the director should know?!). I did get an email the next day which was very vague and basically said I'd be on my own in looking for these opportunities. 


Now compare this with Berkeley. I got accepted the same day as UCLA via email. 2 days later, my decision status was updated with all information. A few weeks later, I received a scholarship award. I was also contacted by a current student to ask if I had any questions. When I emailed the director asking about funding and RA/TA opportunities, she immediately put me in contact with several professors and current RAs as well as set up a phone call with me to discuss the process.


If this is any indication of what the support will be like at UCLA, I'm really glad I'm going to Berkeley :) 

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I applied to the CHS program at UCLA a few years ago and the same thing happened to me! But I ended up getting accepted (and going there) so don't let it startle you too much. In terms of the support you get at UCLA, I found staff to always be very approachable, friendly, and supportive. However, this is all with the understanding that you're at a fairly large public university where no one is going to hold your hand. As long as you are on top of your work, you'll find the administrative staff to be a great help to you. Best of luck!

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