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Stanford EE MS unfunded vs. Princeton EE PhD full fellowship


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Hey guys,


I just got two admissions from Stanford & Princeton. For Stanford EE, I applied for PhD but got MS (so basically a rejection...) without funding. For Princeton EE, I got an offer with full 1st year fellowship, which frees me from any teaching or project obligations, and also research funds for summer 2015 research.


My intended area of study is machine learning. My undergrad courses are mostly about electronics, but last semester I took a course in machine learning and found it extremely interesting. I have good math and programming background, because I did a lot of computational science research.


If I go to Stanford, I may only be able to take 2 or 3 starting-graduate-level courses in machine learning and that's all. But no one can ignore the extraordinary reputation of Stanford engineering, and Bay Area is undoubtedly the best place for IT students. If Princeton, I will do my PhD in machine learning. My career goal after graduation is to end up in a data analytics- or AI-related R&D position.


Can you guys give me some advice, info or share some experience? esp. does geographical location have a great impact on finding job/internship for PhD students?



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