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  1. I've completed undergrad...just waiting on this diploma. Then onwards to summer internship and grad school! ;-)

  2. The anxiety of April 15th is over! But it's shifted to graduation. I HAVE to matriculate undergrad!

  3. I need to pay my deposit for this one school. But the way my bank account is set up...

    1. the_sheath


      You should really put your money in your checking account

    2. LittleDarlings


      Haha Kevin hart.

    3. iPsych
  4. Admitted to HGSE TIE just last week! I really didn't expect this and had almost written Harvard off as someone directly out of undergrad and with scores/grades that weren't that exceptional. However, after getting crazy looks from my advisors, I reconsidered my acceptance and began to appreciate the many possibilities as a Harvard student. I haven't accepted the offer yet because I'm waiting on the visitation day and also the possibility of a merit scholarship (I'm not too disillusioned about that, though). I'm pretty excited about April 3! Can't wait to meet y'all!
  5. Purdue is really strong in engineering. I'm not surprised you received full funding because engineering and tech are what get the big bucks there.
  6. (just to add this here) New Orleans has a HUGE Vietnamese population and also a pretty sizable South Asian population. But Vietnam isn't China, so OSU may be what you'd want if you're looking for other Chinese students.
  7. A great indicator of where to choose would be to look and see whether or not your location has a thriving community of various South Asian peoples! Since Columbia is in NYC and Berkeley in the Bay Area, they shouldn't be difficult to find. Looking at the requirements for both programs, it also matters what prerequisites you have. For instance, while Columbia appears to be nonchalant about the issue, Berkeley requires one of the following: Two years of study in the language of emphasis or the equivalent, as determined by the Head Graduate Adviser; Five undergraduate courses concerning So
  8. I think the federal deadline for all grad school acceptance decisions is April 15th. Think Tax Day!
  9. Is UIUC's Master's degree in Computer Science program 2 years? If it is, that's not too long. I'd go with them if the program is clearly stronger and provides adequate fin. aid. That's why I don't mind the prospect of living in West Lafayette for Purdue lol
  10. In your position, I would honestly focus all my energy on applying for programs to be admitted for Spring/Fall 2015. The grad school application process is already intense for the student who applies within the normal timeframe, so I can only imagine how it would be for you to apply now for Fall 2014. Most programs have terminated their application submission period. Those with rolling admissions are tricky because the earlier you apply, the higher your chance of being accepted. You need all the help you can get! Plus, you'll be able to dedicate much more time towards GRE prep and promoti
  11. I think it shows a lot of maturity for you to be approaching this the way that you are. Particularly impressive that you even reached out to someone in academia for advice. Although I'm in no way an admissions expert, schools must value students who prioritize and would rather downsize than burn out, right? That's my hope (it's what I've been told for years).
  12. This question is glued to my subconscious. No matter how much confidence I have in my scholarship potential, there's this nagging feeling that things may not materialize as I'd planned. It's happened to me countless times before, from where I wound up attending for undergrad to my study abroad misfortune. I may apply for the Summer Programs Assistant Coordinator position at my university's Graduate Placement/McNair office. That's IF I decide to stay in New Orleans for an extra year. During that time, I will - in addition to reapplying for graduate school - explore more of the city. It'
  13. Sounds like a moratorium that they waited entirely too late to pass?
  14. I gave each of them (4 total) thank you cards right after they submitted them. However, I've been meaning to get them an additional gift but haven't had the finances to do so. Thanks for reminding me with this post! I just need to figure out what to give...I'm thinking possibly another card towards the end of the semester that gives them an update of my admission status, my final decision, and a copy of one of my grad photos.
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