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  1. If anyone is continuing this group (here or elsewhere!) for 2019 I'd love to join. I use Slack with another writing group but I'm looking to boost my accountability this spring!
  2. Happy to help, as not much detail is provided initially. 1) Yes, separate from the NSF $5K travel allowance (which is very flexible) the host institution receives an allowance that is meant to support your costs of living during your stay. This differs in amount and logistics for each country. In my case, this was paid from the host country's NSF-like counterpart, through the host institution (they held the funds) and then directly to me. 2) This was not entirely applicable to me as I do not work in a laboratory environment. I suppose in your case you should talk about these expenses with your host advisor and current advisor (i.e., maybe you need to find additional funds to support this). I did chose to use some of my NSF travel allowance towards certain data analysis expenses (software in my case). This is allowed. But it sounds as if your non-travel expenses in the lab could be quite significant? Or perhaps these lab expenses are just considered operational expenses at the host institution and they will cover it for you ... I'm not sure what the norms are so you should ask. I would note ... you should definitely plan to use any remaining funds you have from the $5K allowance towards this type of thing or other expenses you have related to the research. 3) Yes. Safe travels.
  3. Sweden must be the place to be! I also just heard back on NSF GROW approval. I'll be at Örebro University and some at Uppsala. I, too, was curious to hear back from NSF before the collaborating institution or Swedish Research Council. I'm assuming they must have approved. Yes, meka, hopefully more details soon. My specific scope and travel timing will need to change a bit since writing the proposal, and I'm wondering how that is handled. I happen to have a meeting tomorrow with my Sweden colleague so I suppose I'll let her know!
  4. Thank you for your recommendation on how I should try using the search function! I didn't see a new, substantive general DDIG thread open up so thought I'd post here. People on gradcafe are quite friendly so you never know. Yes, it does sound a bit strange. I am a strange scientist. My research can apply to each of those NSF divisions so that is why I cited them. Those who have applied in those or other areas willing to share their past proposal is something that would be helpful to me.
  5. GROW-ees: First, congrats to all who have successfully completed or are in the midst of a GROW opportunity! Fun to see the excitement in this thread. Is anyone willing to share their successful application and/or point me to examples/resources they used? That would be super helpful. I've attended a few webinars and it seems fairly straight forward (and high success rate) on the application/proposal side of things. Coordination with host scientist and host institution is another story but I've done some leg work there. Are there others applying this cycle (Fall 2016)? Also - I am looking at Sweden, Örebro and/or Uppsala University where one of my advisors is located. So, if by chance, the folks who have headed to Sweden have particular recommendations or fun stories I'd love to hear about your experience. Cheers.
  6. I am wondering why this thread died. Are there other, more recent, NSF DDRI / DDIG threads? I'm in the process of assembling successful example proposals which are scattered across the internets. Does anyone have a good resource for examples? Particularly for Sociology, Geography, and/or Cultural Anthropology. Or, if you yourself have been awarded an improvement grant ... would you be willing to share your proposal with me? Thank you!
  7. What are some of your most useful proposal writing resources you live by? I am compiling my doctoral dissertation prospectus (in social sciences) and modeling after NSF DDRI/DDIG grant. In a rut. Websites? Articles? Books? Advisor advice? What say you? Thanks all.
  8. 1 from current institution (new advisor) and 2 from prior institution (master's) for me.
  9. congratulations to all who received the award + onwards and upwards for those whose reviewers simply didn't click "recommended for award" it's known that the reviewers feedback is mostly unhelpful, often wildly inconsistent and can be known to cause brain damage now get some sleep!
  10. Patience, young padawans. It will be next week. Visit threads from past years, and you will find that some nerd always posts the maintenance update.
  11. Good luck to those applying this cycle. Soon you will be submitted and will forget about your application. DO be confident, take it seriously, allow yourself to shine on paper, and don't wait until deadline day to submit because shit happens. DO NOT get DQ'd over playing tricks with fonts/margins, or get caught up with what others are doing in their applications. Screw them. The process itself of preparing, developing, analyzing, and getting feedback on your proposal is a huge part of a research career. Many feel the notion of writing an original research proposal is so daunting they don't even both to apply to GRFP. But you did bother to apply. Remember that you are already a better researcher having gone through the vigorous process of preparing the application and proposal. Your advisor probably thinks so, too. Lastly, get on this damn thread the night before the award is announced. It's loads of fun when "The Countdown" begins. Some nerd will post the predicted exact date and time in late March or early April. Staying up late the night of the awards list is 98% of the fun. Just go ahead and clear any deadlines you have that week.
  12. I thought about applying. And then. I didn't. Good luck!
  13. I have a similar question related to Queen of Kale's. For those who have participated in GROW, did you begin your travel immediately that first summer upon receiving the award in the spring? Or did you wait until Fall, or even the following summer? I may be interested in doing two separate, 1-2 month stays at the host institution.
  14. I am ineligible due to: "Applicants who currently have another federal fellowship are not eligible." Does anyone have experience applying to a federal fellowship (EPA STAR, NSF GRFP, etc.) when they know they are ineligible? In other words, is it worth applying and upon the slim chance of being awarded... declining due to ineligibility. Or am I talking crazy talk? Thanks
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