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  1. It's too early to hear back from the programs I have currently applied to. Heck, I still have 4 more applications to do. But that doesn't mean my anxiety isn't just a constant, and like my title says, I already have issues with anxiety. So, in all, I feel like I have strong applications. I'm doing well on my Masters course, I have a solid research project, a forthcoming publication, good LORs, etc, but this doesn't stop my anxiety. Back when I contacted the POIs they were all extremely interested in my project and wanted me to apply. So I have applied, but when I applied it was in t
  2. I need a hobby...unfortunately, hobbies that don't involve people just make me think more, and I'm so much of an introvert that I struggle to find friends to engage in a communal hobby with. I have taken up a random appreciation of wildlife documentaries on parrots. And cats. I can't drink alcohol, though the combination of wildlife documentaries and getting drunk sounds interesting and someone who can drink alcohol should try it. Back to agonising and dreaming about my applications...
  3. You title the writing sample correctly, but put the wrong university in the filename. Fatal error? Or will they literally not care? I emailed the admin person to notify them that it was an honest mistake and to double-check that they received the proper file. Oh Dear.
  4. So, I am currently studying in the UK, and am applying to US universities (I did my undergraduate degree in the US so I know US institutions). But an SOP in the UK is really a very confident and slightly detailed research proposal. I was cautioned by one department in the US to not be too research-obsessed or I will come across as unteachable. Which leads me to a question -- is it good to have a less research-oriented SOP for US institutions? Like, should I be saying things like what I hope to learn at these places, as well as what my research will entail? I'm very confuse
  5. I completed the FAFSA and used the IRS data retrieval tool. Now - I found out that I might have to amend my taxes. Fortunately the amendment doesn't affect my eligibility for loans (I quadruple checked that with FAFSA). But, can my loans be processed by my university while the tax amendment is being processed by the IRS? Especially since I already used the Data Retrieval tool? Anything I google automatically assumes that the person hasn't used it yet, and I have. I need to meet school deadlines and don't have time to wait until the IRS amends my return to make my loan application, esp
  6. Two things: - AGH WHY the INSOMNIA!!?!?!? I've pulled all nighters on the freaking WEEKEND. - Getting into top schools, without aid.
  7. They're all government loans. The problem is that my school runs on a later schedule than normal, putting enrollment after I've already entered repayment.
  8. Hey all, So, I was under the impression that if you are in grad school your loans from your undergrad degree are automatically deferred. Is this correct? Or, do you have to apply for them to be deferred? How long does that take? I've been accepted somewhere and will be going to school in mid-fall, and am going to take out more federal loans. I don't want to accidentally enter repayment while I'm preparing to go to grad school full time!
  9. I applied and haven't heard anything. I heard on student room that they were supposed to have already interviewed people by now….I don't know if this is hearsay or fact.
  10. I had multiple deans at my school say that I should make sure that there aren't any hitch ups, esp. with funding, etc. Then, after that, they said that I could decline the other schools. According to them, it's ok as long as you do it before the deadlines, and ok to accept but then make sure all is straightened out before closing all the other doors. Just don't accept multiple offers or enroll at multiple places. You don't have to notify anyone of anything until the deadline. At least, 3 deans said that to me. Anyone else disagree with this?
  11. I don't mean that I've accepted multiple offers. I just have accepted an offer at one school and want to know how soon to decline the other offers.
  12. If you get multiple offers from schools, and then accept an offer, when should you let the other schools know that you will be declining? Is it ok to accept at a school and not make the decline decision with other schools, for a few weeks? What if something comes up with the accepted school? What's the polite, legal, and normal way to handle such a situation?
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