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GRE Biochemistry

Feyza Nur Arslan

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I am a third year undergraduate studying molecular biology and genetics. this semester I am taking Biochemistry II and Cell Biology II courses and the semester will be over in the middle of May. Do you suggest taking the next GRE in Biochem at the beginning of April or in September after summer? It is recommended in many programs I might apply next year, so it may support my applications if I get a good score.

Now the problem is, until September I can forget what I learned and I will be interning in summer so I am not sure if I can study for the exam. But in April also, there is a problem, my courses will not be finished yet. What do you think would be better?


I am waiting to hear some opinions.


Thanks in advance.

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I recommend looking over the subjects that are on the test. I think that with proper studying that you may even be ready without those 2 courses, depending on what was covered in your first semester of each course. I plan on taking it with only 1 semester of biochem and 1 semester of cell bio. Both courses went into quite a bit of detail though. If you know the material already, then I say get it over with while its fresh in your mind.

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