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New Mexico applicants

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I almost applied there but didn't at the last minute.  Kinda wish I had.  Then again, my reason for not still stands....so...it's all good.


About not getting a T.A.-ship (to the above poster and anyone else): things change sometimes. Back in '09 when I got into my M.A. program, I was admitted in February.  In April, when I asked about TAships, they said that they were already given out and had no more available.  In July, they called me and gave me a TAship.  Weird stuff happens with grad admissions, so you just never know. 

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Purple is right, that happened to me with my MA as well. You never know. Also, you could find a job at the writing center which is arguably better than teaching with better hours and more face time with students (depending on how you feel about undergrads haha). Congrats on your acceptance though! Did you receive a letter in the mail or was it via email? 

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Congrats!! Very happy to hear about your good luck!


At this point I'm 90% sure I'll be attending UNM (still need to hear from a few other schools though). The only thing really holding me back is that I've been waitlisted for funding. Did you hear any news about funding? I'm thinking of calling sometime this week to inquire about that, but it's probably too soon for them to know.

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