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It's the 15th... What if you haven't heard either way


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So.... It's the 15th and two schools have told me nothing. I don't really care because I know where I'm going and I am really excited about the program I'm going to, but it seems that if we're supposed to decide by the 15th you should know something before the 15th.

School 1:

Got an e-mail in January saying how excited he was that our interests matched and he thought I was a great candidate. February or March, e-mailed and asked what the status was because I started getting responses from other schools. He said "looks like you may be on some kind of waitlist." Pretty vague eh? Nothing official at all from the school.

School 2:

Phone call from the possible advisor in Early March. Long discussion about fit followed by him saying he was going to bring my name forward. The next day, crazy e-mail saying he may be leaving the school, but he's not sure and is so confused with his own situation that he didn't bring forward any names for the department at all and that he would know his situation within the next week or so and the next meeting where he could bring up my name was in 10 days. Wrote back, said that's fine, I would still like to work with you and I hope that your situation works out. Let me know what happens. He then dropped off the face of the earth.

Mind you, after I had my offer from the school I am attending, I stopped pursuing these others because I didn't want to do a "let me know, let me know" and then immediately reject them. I also did not want to call them and tell them they were no longer in the running because maybe I wasn't for them either and it may have been like... oh, you? Yeah, we forgot to tell you already that we're rejecting you. Also, curiousity if I would get an offer from these schools since they had seemed to be really interested.


What do I do now? Do I just wait for the probable rejections and reject if they for some reason do accept me? Or, do I write to the schools and say don't even bother? It just seems odd to me that these people didn't even waitlist me by April 15th.

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Guest guest a la mode

If you are set on where you're going and you've already accepted a spot somewhere, it seems like pursuing these two schools is useless. However, it is annoying that they are treating your application this way. One school waitlisted me and then rejected me at 9pm last night, but I only learned I was waitlisted because I contacted them first. So the question is: if you paid an application fee (which can sometimes be expensive), what are you getting for that money if they are not processing applications in a timely manner? Furthermore, the situation that happened at your school #2 is weird and would be a red flag to me. What is going on there? Just weird. Good luck at your new school!

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