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  1. Retake them.... Your publications will look like you had ALOT of help if your verbal and writing sections are low, so they won't count that much. STUDY!!!! I worked at an admissions office (undergrad so not that applicable, but still) and people would say they were going to retake tests all the time. Some said they planned on studying/taking a course, some didn't. Surprise, surprise... those who did, did better and those who didn't showed little or no improvement.
  2. U chicago if you get into HUDV or Psychology you can pretty much work with and take classes in anything and self-design. A lot of people do ti.
  3. I am applying and sadly very far behind you
  4. PETRAL6

    Kent, OH

    Not a big town, very college-towny. So, dive bars and such. As far as I know, it's pretty Ohio people heavy.
  5. PETRAL6

    Still No News!!

    That's really strange. I would expect that they would tell you soon after May 15th. I would say it's probably a long shot, but I really don't know. Sorry and good luck!
  6. Even if you are dressed so you feel out of place, you can always pick out people worse than you. I saw some awful outfits at the conferences I went to. If you are presenting, wear something professional. Suit, or business attire. If you are just attending, business casual is fine. Jeans are sometimes appropriate, but khakis or better are generally acceptable. No tuxedos
  7. PETRAL6

    Chicago, IL

    Technically it's Buena Park. But, it's on the border. It seems to be a pretty quiet residential area from what we saw, but maybe I'm wrong. Also, the street I'm on has permit parking, so that should limit the parking dilemma. It seemed to have a lot of open spaces. Hope so . But, I'm coming straight from undergrad, so I'm used to drunk people and we're off a side street across from a hospital parking lot, so I don't see our street being too horribly rowdy.
  8. PETRAL6

    Chicago, IL

    Thanks again for the advice on using the apartment people. They totally rock and we found a nice cheap place in Beuna Park/Wrigleyville (blocks from teh stadium, so excited ). PS- Anyone need a room for the summer? I'm gonna need to sublet my roommates from June - Mid August.
  9. I really doubt there is anyway someone can give you a good answer to that. It's such a hit or miss process with so many variables. Any internships, research, honors classes, GRE scores are?, letters of rec, personal statement, interest matches, etc etc etc
  10. Is that really you Barista? Why signed in as a guest?
  11. wow! Are these PhD programs? I assumed they all had to tell you something by the April 15th deadline. Hope they tell you before the semester starts.
  12. See... I'm pretty sure my "Girls Gone Wild" performance helped me. I got a lot of money and an interesting assistantship. j/k
  13. It is legal... you do have to ask to be let out by school B assuming they are one of the schools in the agreement. Professionally, it is debated how bad this is to do. However, in this case, it may be worth having less debt afterward to piss some people off. Also, you may tell school B that school A offered you more money so you may have to rescind acceptance and see if they give you more. That way, you tell them why and give them a chnace to match your offer as well as make them understand it isn;t personal. Good luck! I hate it when good news turns out to be more stressful than bad news
  14. Yeah... I heard that facebook gets looked at too... wonder if I got rejected because of that some places? j/k
  15. I think the fact that he's unwilling to be in a long distance relationship is enough. You can't make someone want to be in a long distance relationship. They either do or don't. Even people who are gung ho at the onset often realize a little while in that it's too hard. If he starts off being coerced or uncertain, it seems unlikely he will become more motivated (instead of less) to keep up the relationship. Also, I think that if he is unwilling to move for you when it seems it would be easier for him (do you see how many people didn't get in anywhere and or had only one or two choices) it seems unfair that you should throw away a good career move for yourself. Good luck... but, my advice would be to throw in the towel. If you're not both commited to the idea of a long distance relationship, you will probably just waste a lot of time trying to convince him, making both of you miserable.
  16. Yeah, I agree that people who just go to grad school because they haven't figured out anything else and don't want a job should possibly take soem time to figure it out before commiting to a program. I don't think you offended anyone, you just have to be careful with definitive language with a grad school crowd. I try to minimize use of words always and never. As for the "she" I think it is pretty common to say "he" as a preset. I try to pluralize to avoid gender use and because I think s/he looks silly, but I think everyone slips sometimes. I think to make up fo it, I'm going to call any gender ambiguous person she for the next year. PS- Lats part totally a joke. I am also a she.
  17. PETRAL6

    Woo hoo!

    Congratulations!!! I like hearing good news!
  18. Alot of people get accepted in fields other than their undergrad. But people who have a degree in the same field often have internships, research papers, and graded work in those areas that let people know they have the skills and knowledge required. If you had internships or work experience in those areas then I don't know why you wouldn't have been accepted. But, coming from a different background if you didn't explicitly state that you had these experiences, how are they to know. And, unless they told you that that was the reason you got rejected that may not be the reason. Being rejected from grad school is pretty common, so it may have been any number of reasons. Also, being "smart" in natural sciences does not necessary correlate to being "smart" in social sciences (or v.v.). I know a lot of engineering majors who fail introductory psychology, as well as psychology majors who think that biology is easy (I'm a psychology major, hence my frame of reference) PS- I wouldn't call your field "pure science" in front of social scientists... What are we unpure? j/k
  19. I would go crazy taking a year off. All I want to do is be in academia. In fact, the summer is going to be hard because I won't have research only waitressing Why take a year off to prolong the agony of having a real (and by real I mean minimum wage) job for a whole year?
  20. PETRAL6

    Chicago, IL

    Thanks! Got that covered... lakeview or lincoln park, and we've got an appointment with the apartment people. Glad to know it's possible
  21. PETRAL6

    Chicago, IL

    I'm going up to Chicago in a week or so for a couple days and trying to find a job and an apartment to start June 1. Do you think that's doable? If not the job (waitressing, so not that stressed), is at least it likely I'll be able to get an apartment? I've never had to do a long distance hosuing search before.
  22. It's worth it. It's one of the few honoraries that I actually accepted because I didn't want to spend money. Everyone knows Phi Beta Kappa, and it is a sign that you truly excelled at your school. It's not that much either. Encourage him/her that he/she should pay the money. I'm not sure we would guess the person if you gave a gender But, regardless of gender being Phi Beta Kappa is a definite bragging point.
  23. wow! That's harsh. I got a couple people saying grad school acceptance is trciky, so don't be upset if you have to apply one than once. I also had a professor stop and ask me how well I did on my GRE because her students had not done that well in the past and they didn't get in. She then said... oh, ok, good. But mostly people were more optimistic for me, saying I'd probably have my choice of schools. I didn't, but I have one great school with great money, and that's all I need
  24. That's really encouraging 2nd... good luck and hopefully your soul will be "un"sucked in the course of your studies.
  25. PETRAL6

    Pets anyone?!

    Yeah.... not too excited about a 6 hour drive with a whiny beagle. Maybe i'll drug him or run him around for hours before I put him in the cage in the car. He won't just sit still in the car and likes to try ot sit in my lap and cause me to wreck if I don't cage him, and if I do he whines so loud even the radio doesn't dorwn him out. *sigh* Maybe I'll make him ride in my dads car
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