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Withdrew, but prof encouraging me to reconsider?


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Hi guys,

In Feb, I was accepted to a couple of schools and withdrew from one that I had been considering but is on a whole different level than the two I was already accepted to. It isn't a safety school exactly since I'd still be more than happy to go if I hadn't gotten into the others, as they have a couple of faculty who are working on interesting ideas. However, it's true that it is a lower ranked school.

I thought it was the decent thing to do so they didn't have to make me an offer or process my app, but after writing an email informing the prof I'd contacted during the app process (we talked and he showed me around), he wrote back saying that he thinks if be a strong candidate and he wishes I'd reconsider.

I'm not sure how to respond as I thought that withdrawing would save them work. Yet if he is asking me to reconsider then that doesn't seem to matter, and I'm assuming he wouldn't say something like that just so they could reject me. I'm vaguely curious about what they might offer me, but it seems like a bad move to open that app back up just to sate my idle curiosity.

On the other hand, one of the schools that accepted me hasn't given me the official letter yet - should I take as many options as possible until they do?

What do you think I should do? It makes me sad to know I have to tell people no, especially when I admire their work and they have all been so nice. Plus, it's a small world, so I'm sure I'll be moving in the same circles in the future since all the schools are in one area. I just want to be gracious!

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You can be honest with him. Say, "I was interested in your school, however given other offers I have received I am less likely to accept an offer from (Your School) should one be extended to me. I thought that withdrawing my application might be the most fair course of action." Or something similar. Then he knows where things stand, and if he really wants you maybe he will up his offer.

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I did mention that I was accepted at a place where someone was doing something exactly up my alley and that I thought it would save them time and effort if I withdrew. He then sent the nice email.

I guess it's still a good idea to restate my decision instead of changing it. It's tempting though because he's doing things that are right up my other alley! Lol

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