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Protein Dynamics


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Hi everyone,


I realize that this is probably a long shot but is anyone else familiar with this area or know about it? I will be applying to biophysics programs mostly and also some biochem programs to study protein dynamics/protein structure/ stability/ energy landscape theory.


If anyone else is studying that or knows about it then I would love some opinions on phd programs. I definitely have my list of top 5 but I would like to widen that a bit.



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I've been working in a computational lab for the past year on the work you are interested in. Generally, there are a lot of labs working on protein folding/stability and protein dynamics. One of the most powerful softwares for doing protein energetic assessments is the Rosetta, which was developed by a suite of academic labs. The primary lab is at the University of Washington, but there are many great Rosetta labs in other places, including UNC Chapel Hill, Johns Hopkins University, and University of California San Francisco. The following list is composed of the programs I think are strongest in this area, not in any specific order:


UCAL San Francisco

UNC Chapel Hill

University of Washington

Johns Hopkins University

UCAL San Diego

Stanford University


Hope this helps out.


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