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sociology of art


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I'm not sure at the program level, but here as some faculty/future faculty I have encountered who work on intersections of art and economic sociology and work/occupations:


Larissa Buchholz-- now at Harvard society of fellows. Did her PhD at Columbia. Focuses on international art circuits of buying/exhibitions from an economic sociology perspective.

Alison Gerber-- graduate student at Yale. Focuses on the economic valuation of artwork and also the definition of "being an artist" as a work/occupational category. 

Robin Leidner- professor at Penn. Recent project focuses on stage actors and how they define their identity in relation to their work given that many of them support themselves via other forms of employment.


Hope this is at least marginally helpful!

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I just went to a lecture by Richard Sennett, who's a professor at LSE and NYU. Not exactly applicable to you, but his work lately has been on sociology of architecture and irban design.

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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I read this in economic sociology

Velthuis, Olav. 2003. “Symbolic Meanings of Prices: Constructing the Value of 
Contemporary Art in Amsterdam and New York Galleries.” Theory and Society 
32: 181-215. 



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I would highly recommend looking at Northwestern's Soc Program. Gary Alan Fine and Wendy Griswold have both studied art. Two graduate students recently published a paper in Poetics on the Turner Prize, and there's are several student studying soc of art.  

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