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  1. You should also take a look at niche focuses of schools. For instance, UCLA, Stanford, and Cal are great schools for social stratification, which is primarily quantitative in nature.
  2. So I have quite a bit of free time until school starts. What should I be going? I live in the same city where I'm going to school. I've thought about traveling, but should I be getting a leg up on research this summer? Going to conferences? Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. rync

    Los Angeles, CA

    This is all very interesting. My family actually lives in the area, but of course, I'm trying not to entertain the idea of moving back with them... But seeing as how much money I could save, I'm wondering whether that isn't that bad of an option.. They live in the same area as some of the further graduate student housing developments... But I always thought it would be best to live as close to campus as possible... Am I wrong to think this? I was thinking Weyburn only b/c of it's proximity to campus and it's furnishings (since I have none). Maybe I could live there for a year and move
  4. rync

    Los Angeles, CA

    Huge bump. Surprised this thread hasn't gained more traction!
  5. I just went to a lecture by Richard Sennett, who's a professor at LSE and NYU. Not exactly applicable to you, but his work lately has been on sociology of architecture and irban design.
  6. There's still a bit of time before final decisions are made, but I'm wondering that since most (not all) schools have released their decisions, a lot of people have decisions to make. This is my first round of applications, and I'm wondering if current grad students could share what they wish they had known during this process, whether it be that they wish they had waited to submit their intent to register so they could negotiate for more funding, or wish they had really analyzed the specifics of the program (maybe a weird paper or class that needed to be taken/written). Thanks so much
  7. I guess I should have been more specific. Burris has a table (albeit it's from 2005) that ranks departments by their placements in top-25 departments. UCLA comes in at 20, with only several at top departments.
  8. Interesting. Anyone account for why programs like UCLA and other programs classified as "top 10-15" have lower placement?
  9. This is re-assuring to hear, but I'm still worried! Coming from a non-academic background, meaning that I didn't do much independent research in college and the like, I'm worried that my lack of awareness in certain methodologies and approaches to sociology are going to hinder what would be an otherwise passionate time of study!
  10. So... I'm kinda of concerned because I won't be able to go to either due to work requirements... Luckily, I live by one campus and I'll probably visit the other, but it won't be the same without the programming and such... Thoughts?
  11. Thanks! I did PM you! I appreciate it
  12. Unfortunately I don't have access to a department close to me. I specifically wanted to see pages for UCLA and UVA.
  13. Does anyone know where I'd be able to get my hands on one?
  14. It's so funny because I emailed admissions in order to find out the status and a few hours later, I got the rejection e-mail. Well, congrats to those who got in (although I don't think many are on gradcafe). I went out on a limb applying since I knew that most doctorate programs for education accept people with experience in higher ed. Looks like I'll be getting a Ph.D. in sociology instead!
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