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Stanford GSE MA Admit Day - Who's going?


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And what's your program/background/interest?


I'm in International Comparative Education. Worked in Korea for a few years, and want to investigate educational practice and policy within the context of cultural history and ideology, particularly in Korea and East Asia. 


Hope to see you all at the Visit Days, and congrats  B)


Bonus Points: If you went to Vanderbilt's Visit Days and are coming to Stanford's, let me know, because we might have met! 





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Hey hey. I wish I could go. But I'm halfway around the world. I never even visited when I was living in SF...  :blink:


But alas, a bit about myself anyway:


ICE as well


Int'l/Ed background:

Studied Econ (minors: Global Studies/French)

Internship at the State Department

Taught in Korea (we're everywhere!) and Paraguay, too

Worked for an Ed Tech startup in SF Bay Area


Currently getting some traveling/writing/language learning in before the onslaught of grad school and subsequent piles of debt.   :D

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I am not going either, half world away. Never been to Stanford Campus before.


I am in ICE as well (it seems half the cohort is here :))

I currently work at a private school, part of big network of schools around the world. Have extensive travel experience around the world, mostly through school visits and non formal education activities, been to 30+ coutries all work connected. Upon graduation from International Education program, plan to establish my own non profit that will work with rural schools in my tiny home country. And I think I am much younger than the cohort average age :)!

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I will attend! Also, ICE, background in urban ed, and work for a large international gov-backed NGO. 


I'm interested in education for human rights and social development. 

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Heading there.


Program: Teacher Education, Secondary English 

Background: Urban education and the evolving interaction between literacy and technology (primarily in using those two for social justice + equity).

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