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Working during grad school

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I posted this over at mathematicsgre.com, but I figured I'd post it here too. I'm thinking about getting a barback job during grad school. Just a one night/wk sort of thing. I know I won't have a ton of money to go have fun so I thought working in a bar for one night/wk would be a good way to kinda sorta go out at night, make some money, and get free drinks. Also, I might be able to learn enough to pick up a shift or two as a bartender after a semester or two. Thoughts?

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Which city ? What program ? It could be really hard depending on the courses you take and how rigorous they are. I wouldn't really do it for the money since the amount will be small and if you're short on money you can just take a small loan to cover it. Now as a way to just get out and have a good time if you think you can manage it go for it

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