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School asking for enrollment before issuing funding decisions?

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Hello, I wanted to check and see if anyone else has had this experience, or if I am possibly incorrectly interpreting an email.  I applied to a PhD program which has indicated that they accepted me recently and  then I received a second email that they have not yet received a response from me regarding their offer.  I don't believe that funding has been discussed, and it has not been made explicitly clear that I have some form of assistantship, which would be a prerequisite for attending.  


Because it is still relatively early on in the response season, I am concerned that if I reach out to ask and am offered funding, I will be pressured for an immediate answer, which may not be in my best interest if a better offer comes along.  My understanding is that most offers made at most schools must be accepted by April 15th, and after that date funding may be released to other students.  


Has anyone ever heard of this practice, or is it much more likely that I have merely misinterpreted a component of the email?  I greatly appreciate any guidance on this, definitely had a mini panic attack thinking that I might have to accept an offer right now.

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Ask them about funding. If they pressure you for an immediate answer then tell them you're expecting other offers and want to consider all options. If they don't understand then I flat out wouldn't attend.

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