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Epi: Emory or BU?


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Initially, I was waitlisted to BU and have been pretty set on attending Emory for the past week or so. However, today I heard back that I had gotten off the BU waitlist.


I have been accepted to the MSPH GLEPI at Emory, and the MPH at BU. I love the Emory program, and am still leaning towards it. However, I have no ties to Atlanta and don't know much about the city, whereas I did my undergrad in Boston, love it, and have many friends there. Obviously, that's not a very good reason to choose a school, but I know BU has merits in its own right, as well.


Is this a no-brainer and I should go to Emory? Or is there any case in which BU makes sense? (No money in either case, btw, so BU would be more expensive)


I also applied to Berkeley and haven't heard back yet, so that could be in play, too. 

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I went to BU for my undergrad and Emory for my MPH. I have worked in the BU epi dept since and I would say go to Emory handsdown!  While Atlanta isn't the best city in the world, its not a bad place to be as a student (its super cheap) and the Emory scene is great. Plus Emory is a phenomonal school, the classes are excellent and the teachers genuinely care about the success of their students. Its also really cool to be right next to the CDC which provides a lot of student job opportunities.


As far as BU goes, the professors at BU are very nice, but the program is less developed. Also, Boston is a lot more expensive than Atlanta, so its much less expensive to attend Emory than BU.  I say go with Emory...just my 2 cents...

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