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Holding pattern


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So I called a school I applied to earlier this week and asked when they typically send out admission decisions. I was then told that the committee was finalizing decisions and we would know soon and that if I had not yet received a rejection that I was in their holding pattern. Now the smart thing to ask at this point would have been what is a holding pattern. But I was so focused on the fact that she implied they sent out some rejections and I didn't get one that I thanked her and ended it there. So has anyone heard this before? Is this like a wait list or something? I didn't give her any info about me so I know she wasn't giving .e specific information about my application itself.

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I do know (at least within my field) that there can be several phases to the process. For instance, in creative writing, they read your portfolio first and foremost. If your portfolio is good enough that it merits consideration then they actually review your other materials. Otherwise they don't even read your LoR or look at your transcript, etc. 


I'm not sure how many phases there would or could be, and I'm sure different programs do it differently, but if the school has made some decisions previously and you have not heard word back then it likely means you're still in consideration. I would suspect that the specific phrase 'holding pattern' was just that person's term for it. If we delve further into that specific phrase then it might suggest you're unofficially wait-listed, but not so strongly as to have them inform you, since 'holding pattern' usually means a plane is in line to land after others get the first opportunities -- so perhaps it's like a wait-list for a wait-list.


Just conjecture on my part. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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