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Moving from one PhD program to another?


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I'm not sure if I'm happy with my results and I'm considering reapplying next year (I know what I can do to improve my application and my letter writers have been surprised since they seem to be confident that I'm competitive for top schools--I hope they're right). However, I do have an offer at a lower ranked department that I might be willing to take. I think I could end up enjoying the department but I'm uncertain, especially since I still have aspirations of making a stronger department. I suppose that in this situation it might be best that I just wait to reapply next cycle.


Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows how common transferring from one program to another is or how difficult this sort of thing is. Is this something typically frowned upon? 

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Because perpetuavix doesn't feel like finding anything for you, here's what I found:


Not sure if there's anything on switching just once on Leiter's blog, but that gives you a little data.

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I find it amusing that on the Missouri website they say they don't have an MA program. But on the other hand, some people get an MA and then *cough* transfer.


They know how the system works, they know they're going to lose some of their best students, and they don't hinder them. I commend them for that.

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