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  1. I'm sorry that it sounded unnecessarily accusatory. I didn't mean for it to come across that way. I did think that it was max who down voted me so I down voted as a reply to that. I was mistaken and apologize for that (from my mistaken perspective I though he simply didn't answer me and just gave me a down vote). I'm somewhat familiar with circumstances at UCLA myself and hadn't heard anything like this so I was surprised, I didn't mean to sound harsh.
  2. Is this just speculation? Or do you have specific information regarding the situation?
  3. I know some of you have messaged me already but in case you haven't I'd love to hear from fellow incoming UCLA students
  4. It's been really lovely here and I appreciated interacting with all the wonderful people who've been here. I'll probably be around for a few more days in case anyone wants to PM me and just to watch things settle out and down completely. PS if anyone wants any colored pencils AND you promise me that you'll grade with I'll mail you one (just PM me).
  5. Congratulations! (Out of up votes though). Mind if I ask you what the expression "based god" means? I've seen a facebook friend use it before and it baffled me...
  6. Currently drinking water. Close enough.
  7. I'd wait it out for UT. You're in a better position than I am to know the odds of getting an offer, but if you strongly prefer Texas over UW-M, I think it's worth the risk. Of course, this depends on how worried you are about the possibility of missing out on all your offers. Regardless, I'd love to see you get Texas!
  8. It simply warms my heart to hear that you were grading in green. Thanks!
  9. Oops I forgot to contribute here now. UCLA
  10. Just removed myself from the Texas wait-list, I hope this helps others!
  11. Just removed myself from the Texas wait-list. I hope this helps someone else!
  12. Accepted to UCLA...in shock...already accepted my offer.
  13. Anyone declining a UCLA offer? In case they haven't rejected us all yet because they're waiting to hear from their initial offers...
  14. You could take up knitting. I've always wanted to but haven't had the time myself and I'd love to vicariously knit through you.
  15. Can you add an option for nowhere, please?
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