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Joint program in Georgia tech or apply next year


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Hello everyone I'm a senior ME student in Georgia Tech and I get 3 classes left for graduation.



I already got admission from Georgia tech MS program and can choose to do a thesis( self paid and can graduate spring 2015 if studying this summer) or non thesis program( possible RA and will graduate spring 2016).



Or I can wait and apply for another school next year for Fall 2015 and at the same time I can do tons of undergraduate researches.


Since in my country(China) MIT/Stanford/Caltech/Harvard get 10x better reputation than Gatech, I really wish to attend these private universities no matter for MS or PHD(MIT/stanford ME requires MS for PHD)


My current GPA is 3.89 with Core GPA 3.92. But I exchanged to HongKong University of Science and technology for one semester with only 3.2.  I did undergraduate research for one semester before.


Really need some advice and thank you so much!

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Can u do MS in GT in ME and then some other MS degree in other fields like EE or BioE?


Or do GT MS, apply for other programs, drag out the MS study time/don't graduate until you got admissions results. I say this because schools may not admit someone who already has an MS in the same field.

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What you first should ask yourself is if you want a masters of PhD. Like the poster above said, most schools won't accept you for a masters if you already have a masters for the same field (in other words, you can't go to Harvard for a masters in ME if you already have a masters in ME from Georgia). Would you want to do a masters in another kind of engineering? Also, PhD and masters are really different, including the work you would do after you get your degree. A PhD is a huge commitment and you don't get accepted just because you have a good GPA and a bit of experience. You have to really want it. Best of luck!

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Thank you so much for replying! will it be hard to swith major? EE is a good option with better job opportunity.


If staying here, I guess I will do a GT thesis master(follow a prof and do researches) for opportunity to go MIT phd. so it might be impolite to switch program:(

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That is a good question......I will go to industry and hope to have my own company in the future. So maybe MS is a better choice? I'm totally ok to do two masters but will that reduce my opportunity to go to top grad school?


Thanks for replying:)

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