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Columbia Human Rights MA or King's College London Conflict Security and Development MA?


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Hi all,


I've been very fortunate with graduate school applications, and now I've narrowed it down to two. I am still waiting for Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna and Oxford's MSc in Migration Studies, but they're long shots, so now I'm trying to be conservative and working with acceptances I already have. 


I've been accepted to Columbia's Human Rights Studies Masters program (not SIPA) and King's College London's Conflict, Security and Development program. Neither gave me a scholarship, so cost wise is going to be roughly the same.


The reason I want to go to grad school is of course to be as employable as possible and be as competitive in the job market as soon as I graduate. I've been scouring the internet for Columbia HRSMA's employment statistics post-grad but can't find anything, which is concerning. King's College London at least has statistics for the department that offers the conflict security and development course.


Is Columbia just a brand name then? Should I accept KCL's offer? I want to work in multilateral/international development areas, particularly ones that involve migration studies like the IOM, UNHCR, UN OCHA, etc.


Thanks for your inputs!

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