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Backing out of Visit?


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Hello Everyone!


So last Wednesday I received an acceptance letter to an MA program which was my second choice (Program B.) and another that was my third choice (Program C). Program B's letter asked for an acceptance decision within two weeks and was dated the week before so this Wednesday. I had wanted to visit both B and C, they are both in the same area, before committing and received an extension of decision from the department director as well as set up through email meetings with faculty.


The night after confirming the extension and meeting plans with the professors I received an admittance email from my number one, super reach, top ten program. With more funding than the other programs. Needless to say, my mind is made up and I will be attending there this fall.


My question is how to gracefully back out of the meetings with faculty members (this program is far away and would have cost me nearly a thousand dollars to visit) as I would hate to waste their/my time. All the meetings were set up through direct email contact and I'm feeling bad about canceling. Should I let them know that I got into another school with better funding? I'd hate to say it's a fit issue when they know I haven't visited yet.  


Thanks in advance!

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I would just tell them what you said here! Don't feel bad about canceling because you got into your top choice. It would be rude to visit with the intention of going to another school. Be honest with them and tell them that you just got accepted into your top choice and are attending that school. But be sure to thank them for the acceptance and the time they have given you. Like I said, pretty much what you said here would be perfect. Congrats!!

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I agree: I think you have the right instinct, so I think you should just follow through. It seems like you'd be able to write very graceful emails - I think you can be upfront, and say that you've accepted another offer. I'm sure this happens all the time with faculty, so they'd appreciate your honesty and desire not to waste their time.

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