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Interdisciplinary (globalization studies) or traditional (anthropology) program??


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Ok everyone, I need your help. I'm going to assume for now that I'm not going to get in to any of the other programs I applied to, so right now my challenge is deciding between two programs at the same university.


Here's my issue:


Program 1: 

- Traditional anthropology program (focusing on medical anthropology)

- Overall less funding 

- No guaranteed TA position which means that the funding they would give me isn't tied to work, but I would also prefer to have TA experience as I apply to PhD programs this fall

- Guaranteed supervisor who has been amazing - she let me know when I was admitted (weeks before the offer itself arrived), has been communicative throughout the process, and is supposed to be a great professor in general. She's doing work in a field I'm very interested in.

- Average reputation (within Canada only) - the program is relatively well-known, but the school itself is best known for its medical school and sciences, not social sciences

- Relatively large cohort of graduate students (MA and PhD)


Program 2:

- Interdisciplinary program (globalization studies)

- More funding overall, most of which is tied to a TA position

- The program invites students to design their own program of study: they offer courses, but also let students take any course offered at the university (with permission from the other department)

- I would have to find my own supervisor, but I would be able to work with any willing professor currently working at the university 

- Better than average reputation - the program is relatively new (10 years old), but it's one of the first of its kind, and there's regularly a series of visiting scholars who are excited to come and study/teach at the school 

- Small cohort of MA students only (there is no PhD program)


Since both programs are at the same school, then none of the city-specific issues that often arise when making these decisions affect me. Right now, the only issues I'm struggling with are the nature of the program that I want to take, and the funding offered. Do any of you have any insight into interdisciplinary programs and PhD application prospects? I asked the program director about that and they said they have a lot of success placing graduates into well-regarded PhD programs (but he didn't offer any specifics). 


I would feel really bad if I turned down either offer - the advisor I would be working with for Program 1 has been amazing, and the director of Program 2 took a lot of time to try to convince me that his program was right for me. 


Anyway - I would love any insight all of you could provide! I will be cross-posting this in the "Interdisciplinary programs" section (FYI to all mods!)

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Hi--I would go with the guaranteed funding of globalization studies, UNLESS you plan on applying to traditional anthropology programs. I've heard they tend to prefer anthro-specific backgrounds....

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