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April 15 Deadline

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I have an issue about the April 15th deadline and was also looking for some advice about my situation. 


I have been accepted to University A with a $16k stipend and full medical, dental, and vision coverage. University A has one or two scholars that I really like and a few others who I know less about but are somewhat pertinent to my desired subfield. It is in an area close to where I live now for my master's degree (about an hour away) and it is in an urban area that has a low cost of living. 


Despite this great offer by University A, I am currently in love with University B at which I am waitlisted. I know that I am one of two people on the waitlist for our subfield but I am not sure who is first on the list and when I asked the DGS about it, he did not explicitly state which position I held but rather my likelihood of being admitted "seems quite hopeful" to him. This exchange took place via email a week ago (Christ, it feels like months ago) and I received my official waitlist letter today in the mail--this letter expressed that it was likely that I wouldn't hear back from them until after the April 15th deadline. 


My dilemma is as follows: University B is my dream school, but I would be okay with attending University A as it has great tenure track placement. University B provides a definite job for my fiancé and is in an area that I find more desirable. I am afraid, however, that I might wait on University B and lose my spot with University A due to the deadline. Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone have any advice? The waitlist letter I received provided two sets of contact information and one of those people was the POI I mentioned in my statement of purpose--would it be worth it to contact her to explain this issue? Or to get a second opinion about the waitlist process/funding opportunities (I know very little about what my funding would look like if I was accepted). 

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AC: Is it possible to contact University A to explain the situation? Maybe they will give you an extension to decide. I'm obviously no expert on these kinds of things, but communicating with both universities on the issue might be a good idea. Perhaps start by sending University B a polite email explaining that they are definitely your first choice, but that you have an offer from another school. 


I'm sure someone else on the boards will know what to do. 

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I would definitely talk to University B--find out what things would look like funding-wise if you got in, and, perhaps, get some information from that POI.  At the very least, if you're polite and professional, which I know you are, you'll make a valuable contact.  And if the funding situation looks really awful or something, you can know that A was maybe the right choice.


But open communication with everybody seems like a good plan.  Make it clear to Uni A that you love their program, are so grateful for their acceptance, but this other school works out for some other personal reasons (or insert reason here), and what would be the policy if you had to wait.


Good luck!

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