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MS va MA in Communication

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hello ya'll


im currently looking into MA and MS programs in Communication/Health Communication and Health Education. i would love to know more about the diffferences/similarities between these programs.


since i'm working towards a career in public health i would especially appreciate any feedback ya'll have on feasibility of each type of program and marketability re:  Public Health PhD's


my primary research interests center around developing and implementing innovative ways to enagage with communities around health disparities. i specifically want to look at the ways we can use new/creative media to build community capacity and support/expand existing movements working towards health care justice.


i have a background in psychology/biology, mixed methods research, and community organizing- and i've got a strong interest in CBPR


im thinking MS may be more fitting for a career path in public health, but two of my mentors (who specialize in CBPR work) have MA's in communication and are doing well.


 im thinking i may want to consider applying to MA and MS programs....asdfghjkl need halp tho. 



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I just graduated from the MA Media Studies program at The New School. My experience was this: people who are interested in doing research, a thesis, who are interested in interdisciplinary work and who want to pursue phd programs, (as well as loosely-defined artists) were in the MA program. the MS program was created while I was there because of a demand for focus on business-style education and media management for working and potential media and communications professionals.


If you are interested in doing a PhD, MA is usually the way to go. MS (unless it's a STEM program?) is usually a professional/career degree I think. You mentioned CBPR, so if you're interested in things like that (as well as PAR and AOR, which would fit nicely with your research interests) then I think an MA may also be more appropriate. The nature of the degrees will probably vary based on program and department though.

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