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statistics@ufl, mizzou or vt?


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Hi there,


I've been accepted by PhD programs in statistics at florida, missouri and virginia tech. Now I don't really know how to choose.


UFL have a good reputation, but their department seems really small, and it seems they have been losing a number of important faculty members in the past few years.


I think Missouri have some strong professors. I don't understand why their rank is much lower than UFL. I am too new to statistics, rankings trouble me a lot.


I didn't dig deep into Virginia Tech( partly because I haven't received any financial aid from them) but I like their website :D...


I hope to get a academic position in the future, but I am really new to the field( I studied physics as an undergraduate). So does anyone know about the statistics departments( or their PhD programs) in these three schools? Any information will be helpful. Opinions on their academic level are especially appreciated! Thank you and good luck to everyone~

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What kind of research are you interested in?


You might want to ask this in the Mathematics and Statistics forum. 

Thanks for the advice! I'll try asking there.

As to what kind of research I am interested in, I really haven't decided yet( shame on me). I think time series or Bayesian analysis might be two good choices.

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