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GRE Verbal vs TOEFL


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Okay, so recently I read a few posts on the internet regarding rejection of visas etc just because the GRE verbal is low and their TOEFL score is good. They even suspect that you are not the one who took the TOEFL and can put a ban on you for lying and fraud! I mean seriously..!!!

Well, after reading such posts I got scared! I just got my GRE and TOEFL scores.

Here they are:

GRE: Quant 163 (87 percentile) Verbal 155 (66 percentile) Total: 318/340

TOEFL: Reading 29 Listening 27 Speaking 29 Writing 28 Total: 113/120

Other than that my academic record is:

GPA: 3.84/4.00

Department Topper and belonging to top 3% of the entire university.

As you can see that I have a low GRE verbal but a good TOEFL. Do you think this can cause trouble for me? Though I come from Pakistan but I believe that I have strong command on English. Just don't knwo what went wrong during the GRE!

Any ideas? Or advice?? Plus I don't want to retake the GRE! :(

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I doubt a computer science program cares much about verbal GRE scores in the first place. You're above average and a non-native speaker, I don't see any cause for concern.

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