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Drexel Biomedical Science PhD


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Hi, Has anyone here applied to Biomedical Science PHD and been accepted? If so, how is the funding situation like? When I emailed them about my interest, they told me that the students do not get fundings prior to the start of the school!?! Any clues guys?


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Hey !


I got accepted for PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel.  Is that different from Biomed Science? I am in the same boat as you, not heard anything about the funding yet but when I called them they said I should hear by end of March. 

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Hello, I was just accepted in to Drexel's Micro/Immunology PhD program.  This is how our funding breaks down:  $27K per year base (for 5 years, will find funding if you stay longer), TA and other teaching jobs available for additional income, and health insurance. Again, this is the funding for this particular program; I am not sure whether this pertains to the rest of the Graduate Biomed School let alone other schools within Drexel.  Good luck.

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