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University of Toronto ECE: What's going on?


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This is my first post on thegradcafe forums. I applied for the M.A.Sc Computer Engineering program at the University of Toronto, hoping to start in September.

For those of you who also applied to UofT ECE, I'm sure you noticed that the application deadline had been delayed an unusual number of times. When I applied, the deadline was January 7th, then got extended to January 30th, then February 15th, then February 28, then March 31st, and now it's April 30th. Does anyone here have any idea what's going on? I tried to contact them, and the response I got read something like: "Applications are currently under review by the Department. Decisions will be sent to applicants on an ongoing basis."

I submitted my application on January 1st, and all it says on the application website is: "application received". I'm starting to get worried.

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Oh yeah, I did come across this. That was even before the latest deadline extension. The application deadline now is April 30, almost 4 months after the original deadline. They can't just extend the deadline forever.

They also should be more transparent about the review process. Right now, I can't tell whether or not they even looked at my application. They won't even confirm that they received my university transcripts.

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Yup. Its been like this for the last couple of months. Don't know wats going on. I am an international applicant and applied for the ECE M.A.Sc. program at UofT back in Feb for the Sept session.

Any news on how long will it take before we get some answer? I have heard some applicants have got their acceptance mails but guess international applicants will be dealt in the end. :evil:

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Well, we won't have to wait much longer now. All decisions should be made before June 15, which is only a month and a half away. But all the delays without any word on my application is really making me nervous.

I'm not exactly an international student, I'm a Canadian student studying overseas.

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