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Questions about Internal PhD Admission at The New School for Social Research


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Hi, so... I've got acceptances and rejections rolling in. Nothing surprising. I do have a question though for anyone who is attending The New School in Politics.


I really would like to go to The New School. My interests are in democratic theory and critical theory, and I want to go on to a PhD. I'd like to know how competitive is the internal admissions process into the PhD from the MA? How many MA students do they accept on average? Anyone gone through it? Anyone been rejected? They've hedged a bit on my questions... if I accept admission to the MA then I can talk about it at orientation, to my advisor, etc.  


I'm aware of all the other caveats about The New School, the lack of funding, the nature of the program being slightly different from the rest of American Political Science (that's actually one of the draws for me), etc. I'm just curious about the internal MA->PhD admissions process. I don't particularly want to feel like I'm wasting time on the MA... I know "waste" is a strong word, but I don't want to end up tacking an extra two years onto my road to the PhD.



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NSSR is very strong in theory and I was interested in it. So i have read their handbooks for politics very carefully. In fact, their original words are the enroll the PhD program from the MA is "highly competitive", and they can't assure a position in PhD program for MA student.

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