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Degree in Computer Science(Game)


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Hi everybody,

I just got accepted at 4 different programs

 1. M.S. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon

 2. M.Eng in Computer Science at Cornell

 3. Master of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon

 4. M.S. in Computer Science with specialize in Game Development at USC

(I've also waited for Stanford's CS program)


One of my dream is to work as a game programmer but I'm from Thailand and "game programmer" at Thailand is not a really secure or good-paying job. However, I wish to work abroad for a few years before I returned to my home country. I'm also considering taking PhD after MS and become a professor.


So, for now I'm mostly deciding between program #1 and #2. I know that in CS, Carnegie probably has more reputation but in Thailand people rarely know what Carnegie Mellon is. They do heard the name Cornell from time to time though. Another factor is money, for now I do not have any kind of funding which make CMU a bit more expensive. While my parents can afford it, I would like to lessen their load if possible. I'm also looking for any kind of funding; TA,RA, fellowships, etc. but I know that they rarely give out funding to Master student.

So, please help me decide, any opinion is valuable.





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Game programmer is not "a really secure or good-paying job" everywhere, not just in Thailand. Still, if that's your dream (and you say it is), then I don't think you should be wasting your time in [graduate] school. Have you tried applying to junior positions at game dev. studios in the US? Your time may be best spent learning the trade in the US. Good luck!

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